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A Buyer's Journey


          In a buyers’ journey, there are three stages: build trust, consideration, and decision. Building trust or trusting a seller is so important before the prospect considers the product or service being offered. We want to estimate the risk that we are taking for this deal if we’re going to get the item or service, or we’re just going to waste our time and money.

          Now since we already have an idea of our calculated risk that we’ll be taking, it is time to consider the features and benefits or the item or service. We want to consider how it will significantly contribute to us, to our lives. Is it worth it?

          After a deep analysis, thinking about the pros and cons, it is now time to decide. Would you consider paying for this with all the benefits and convenience it could give you?

          Now as a company that offers products and services, it should not stop there. There are still stages for the buyer’s journey. There are two stages: aftersales consideration and aftersales decision.  

          Aftersales consideration is to ensure that the customer/client is happy with the trade that they made. You should always be there, like you’re always at the client’s side – whenever there’s a need for help. Whether there’s a need for fixing or a need for guidance. We need to do this because a repeat customer, or a customer promoting what you provide is equivalent to another sale.

          The aftersales decision is about giving your customer/client to be a repeat customer or to be your promoter.