When purchasing something, let’s say a car, there are several steps or stages that we will encounter. First is where and what to purchase. This will take us time to find what is suitable for our needs, what is economical, and what is the best in the market. The second stage, which we seldom consider, is the convenience of having your vehicle serviced for its regular maintenance or for repairs. Lastly, is your assessment on the performance of your vehicle. This is when you will decide to keep it or get a better one.

With these stages, it is very essential for us to place the right quality and quantity of people in our business. Most of the time, getting well-skilled individuals cost us a lot. You have to consider the technology or tools that they need and the space where they have to work. So we either invest a fortune or we get cheap labor from less-skilled individuals.

Business MODEL

These stages are what we have in our businesses. The first stage is sales and marketing. We have to make sure that our prospects has an easy access to our products and services. We are there whenever they need our business. We should also be competitive or even better compared to other companies that offer the same products and services.

After Sales

The second stage represents after sales. Imagine waiting in a long queue to have your car serviced for repairs. Then when it’s your turn, they will tell you that it cannot be done today so you have to come back another day for the quotation which you need to bring, with other documents, to your car insurance company so the expense for the repairs can be covered.


Compared to, driving your vehicle to the repair bay, then you leave it there for repair quotation. Then you wait in a nice lounge while having coffee and reading the newspaper or watching your favorite football game. Then an attendant will tell you that they will coordinate with the car insurance company for you and they’ll call you for the repair schedule once the insurance company approves the claim.


The last stage is your assessment. Are you getting the performance that you expect? Are you being treated the way that you deserve? Are things convenient for you and you want to keep your business relationship with them?

The Team

Carlo Evangelista

Founder & CEO

With an extensive background in Marketing and BPO, he can bring clients and the best manpower to any business. Brilliant in business strategies.

"You stop working when you start enjoying your job."-Carlo

Maria Estella Ramos-Nacion

Business Development Manager in Social Media

Experienced Planning Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry. Skilled in Development Communications, Reproductive Health, Corporate Communications, Social Media, and Research. 


CM Global Office was established June 2017 by a group of directors from prestigious Digital Marketing and Business Process Outsourcing Companies as a solution to businesses. Our basic formula is to bring talented people and set-up your global office at a very economical rate. With the use of  the modern evolving technology, this is now possible. Our Primary goal is to keep our clients and employees happy.

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